Hartwell Organic Reusable Mask. Made in Japan

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BUY 2 FOR $48

[Organic] Antibacterial 3D mask. Made in Japan

A product that can be used repeatedly to eliminate the shortage of masks.
Since it is a double gauze made of 100% cotton, it is soft to the touch and can be used as a normal mask.
This mask has pockets so you can insert commercially available non-woven fabrics. If you use a commercially available non-woven fabric or mask as a filter, you can expect the effect of preventing splashes, pollen, PM2.5, etc. You can use the non-woven fabric as a filter many times just by washing the outer gauze mask.
- Made of super soft organic Imabari fabric
- Since ivory color stain of foundation do not mind one by one carefully handmade in Japan and repeatedly wash and use
-can be used as a mask wet If you put a cotton wet in the pocket
- Non-woven fabric can be put in the pocket as a filter

- The person who wear the organic mask to the back is also the same as the surface.
- Adjustable size You can adjust the size of the rubber part on your ears.
- 3D shape fits your face.

◆ Washing method: Please wash by hand. May be shrunk by washing
◆ Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in size.
◆ We cannot accept returns or exchanges for hygiene reasons.
◆ The color of the rubber cord may differ depending on the production time.
◆ The color and texture of the material may differ slightly depending on the production period.
◆ Please refrain from using bleach for products other than white.
◆ Size : 11.5cm x 15.8cm. Rubber length: 27-29 cm.

Please understand the above before purchasing.

Hartwell is a well-established towel manufacturer that has been in business for 90 years in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture.
Entrusting one color to one thread, quality without time and effort.
Hartwell proposes a towel that will help you with your life.